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Glastonbury Weather - MudGlastonbury Weather - SunYou can’t have a site dedicated to Glastonbury without a little mention of the weather. Aside from a little rain on the Friday afternoon, 2015 was an almost perfect year weather wise however it doesn’t always turn out like that.. The weather has a massive effect on the festival and people (including us!) will be massively obsessing about it and checking every weather related site weeks before the festival… and then picking the best one to stick with! Watching the weather change on the long range forecasts turns into a hobby in itself. See below for weather pros/cons, decent weather websites & any chat about the glastonbury weather.

Glastonbury Weather Sites

Below we bring you the best sites to keep an eye on the Glastonbury weather during the build up to the festival. We will add the actual links to the long range forecasts as they appear in June. They will all differ in the run up so just pick the one you like the look of and stick with that. That’s what we do ūüôā

One thing to remember, the festival is in Pilton which is about 7 miles away from Glastonbury so it’s best to look up Pilton on some sites. The sites below generally cover the Pilton. Having said that, Glastonbury festival seems to have it’s ecosystem and can be¬†a law unto itself when it comes to weather..

Come and discuss the weather in our forums and let us know of any good sites we may have missed.


Glastonbury Weather Types

Glastonbury ScorchingScorching: Glastonbury in scorching weather can get tough. Like 2010 when there was wall to wall sunshine, the heat can get a bit overwhelming. Always trying to find somewhere to hide from the sun, constantly applying lotion, lots of water, potentially not as much booze :(… Better than a mudbath but definitely has it’s cons.

Glastonbury OvercastOvercast: Generally the best type of Glastonbury weather. Not too hot or cold, able to walk around without getting stuck in the mud or burnt to pieces, can still sit down on the grass.. Perfect. Just so long as it doesn’t rain.


Glastonbury RainRain: Rain = Mud. A little light rain isn’t so bad however having to stand in a field watching an act whilst it’s hammering down isn’t so much fun. The more it rains the more mud there is however even mud isn’t so bad just so long as it’s not raining.

MUDMudbath: There won’t be many people who won’t haven’t heard of a Glastonbury mudbath. This is different to a bit of mud and needs some serious, heavy rain to get there. A mudbath means mud everywhere and it’s not really just mud, it’s a slimy ooze that can be a couple of feet deep. Worst case weather scenario, just have to have another drink and get on with it!


Glastonbury Weather Extremes

Rain & Mud:Glastonbury Extreme Weather

  • 1997:¬†The Year of the mud. Constant heavy downpours both before and after the festival turned the entire site into a muddy quagmire. Those who managed to make it through the weekend were treated to one of the most iconic Glastonbury headlining sets from Radiohead.
  • 1998: Another muddy year which saw constant storms,¬†heavy rain and winds turn the site into a mudbath.
  • 2005:¬†A once in a generation storm¬†saw the site destroyed and left under several inches of water. On the Thursday evening lightning and a heavy downpour made festival goers run for the safety of their tents. By the time people arose from their tents in the morning, the site was submerged and several of the stages had been hit by lightning and knocked out of action. Following this, Michael & Emily Eavis spent several hundred thousand pounds on additional drainage.¬†This investment¬†was vindicated when a rainy 2007 didn’t see nearly as bad conditions as 2005.


  • Hot Glastonbury2010:¬†2010 saw wall to wall sunshine from start to finish of the festival. The organisers provided warnings and advice about covering up and keeping hydrated. Every piece of shade available was full of festival goers trying to find a bit of shelter from the sun. This was hailed as the hottest Glastonbury ever as temperatures hit a sustained 28¬įC

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