Glastonbury World - Glastonbury TicketsOk, so this is the big one… getting Glastonbury tickets. Over a million people are registered to purchase Glastonbury tickets and with approx 150,000 available that would give odds of around 7/1 for getting a ticket.  No member of the general public is guaranteed a ticket so everyone has to go through the same Sunday morning (or Thursday evening) ordeal. The excruciatingly painful 30 minutes of pressing the refresh button every 2 seconds in the hope that you will get through to the booking screen and get those golden tickets. Here we bring you the registration and ticket process, ticket dates, prices and tips on how to get them. If you were unlucky enough not to get your ticket, we have provided some alternatives available to you at the bottom of this page.

Glastonbury Tickets 2016:Glastonbury Tickets 2016

The most important bit first and the one that everyone wants to know, when will Glastonbury 2016 tickets be released? 2016 general sale tickets went on sale on the 4th October 2015. All 135,000 Glastonbury tickets sold out in the space of 30 minutes (not quite beating 2015’s record of 26 minutes).

So, when is the resale? Ticket balances are due in the first week of April so the resale will be on a Sunday around the end of April. Watch this space, we will put the date up as soon as we know.

Glastonbury Tickets at a Glance:

  • 135,ooo General Admission TicketsGlastonbury Tickets at a Glance
  • 10,000 Coach + Admission Tickets
  • 6 Tickets maximum can be purchased per transaction
  • See Tickets are the official ticketing agency – it is not possible to buy legitimate Glastonbury tickets from any other sources
  • Pre-registration required with See Tickets (see below)
  • Post Code & Registration number required to purchase a ticket
  • £50 deposit is required in October. Full balance to be paid during the first week of April.
  • Coach ticket sell out in approx 15 minutes
  • General Admission Tickets sell out in approx 30 minutes
  • Ticket Prices increase slightly year on year (see below for 2016)

2016 Ticket Prices:

  • Glastonbury Ticket PriceDeposit: £50
  • Balance: £178
  • Booking Fee: £5
  • Total Ticket Cost: £233 (standard  general sale ticket)
  • Car Parking Ticket: £35
  • Campervan Ticket: £100 (standard pitch) or £200 (double pitch)
  • Tipis (Pre-Erected on site Tipis): £975 (sleeps 6)
  • Worthy View (Pre-Erected Tents + Other Facilities): £Various. Click here for more info

Tips on how to get your Glastonbury Tickets:

So, again, there is no surGlastonbury tickets tipse fire way for members of the public to get Glastonbury Tickets but there a few tips that might help increase your chances…

  1. Many hands make light work – If you are going as a group, make sure everyone tries to get the tickets. You have a lot higher chance with 5-6 people trying rather than 1 or 2. You need the registration number and postcode
  2. Internet – Wherever you have the best connection; home, work, pub, whatever works, go there!
  3. One Browser – So this is an official one, only use one browser when attempting to get tickets. We’re not sure of the logic but it comes from the official site so we’ve included it here
  4. Devices – Try on a number devices; Phone, laptop, tablet.. Everyone has a couple these days, may as well try all channels to maximise chances
  5. Phone – A lot of people forget about the phone. There is a phone number for See Tickets, use it!
  6. Luck – This is the big one, to get through you do actually have to be massively lucky! There aren’t necessarily people out there who have better skills at pressing the refresh button than you do, they are, perhaps, just luckier!
  7. Resales – If at first you don’t succeed, try try again. Rough resale dates are below.

Glastonbury Tickets Process:


Register, register, register! A lot of people get caught outGlastonbury Registration by this. It’s simple, to be in with a chance of getting your Glastonbury tickets you have to register. All you need is a decent photo and a computer. Follow the link below to the See Tickets website below who will register you for free. All ticket guidelines etc are available on the site. One thing to remember is that registering does not guarantee you a ticket. You still need to go through the ticket day trial and tribulations (see below). You will need your registration number and the postcode you registered with to purchase your ticket. Registration closes a few days before the sale so don’t leave it too late. If you registered some time ago, make sure to check that your registration is still valid.


Glastonbury Ticket ProcessThe main method of purchasing Glastonbury Tickets is over the internet through the seetickets website. Closer to the time Seetickets will release a link. The link varies from year to year. We will bring you the 2016 resale link when it is available. Tickets will go on sale on a date around early October. Initial ticket sales are for deposits only (£50), you will then need to pay the balance during the first week of April.

So all you need to do it is click on the link provided by See and order your tickets, simple right? Unfortunately not… Over a million people are registered to purchase Glastonbury Tickets. When you get that sort of number of people all trying to buy tickets at the same time there are inevitably system issues. When you first click the link, you are pretty much guaranteed to receive a timeout message or be sent to a holding page. You will then need to keep hitting refresh until (crossing everything you have) you finally make it through to the booking page. If you make it that far, you will need to quickly enter your details before the page times out or the tickets run out. If you make it and get the confirmation, congrats you’ve just got your golden Glastonbury Tickets.

You can also book over the phone using the See tickets hotline. Again, be prepared for a long wait with a lot of engaged tones and redialling.

Coach vs General Glastonbury Tickets

Glastonbury Tickets - Glastonbury Coach TicketsFor the first time in 2014, combined coach and festival tickets were released. In line with the festival’s green ethos, travelling by coach has been prioritised over the general sales. Obviously, the more people travelling by coach, the less cars and hence the less emissions produced. When booking you can either book a coach ticket for the Wednesday or Thursday and you won’t learn the departure time until some time after. The conditions are strict, you have to take the coach and will only be given the ticket once you are half way to the festival. 10,000 coach tickets are released shortly before the general sale.

General tickets go on sale and allow for travelling in any form of transport going.

Glastonbury Ticket Dates:

Glastonbury Ticket DatesThe rough general ticket sales dates are below:

  • Initial General Sale – Generally 9am on the Sunday of the first weekend of October. 2014 date was 6th October. 2015 date was 5th October and 2016 was 4th October.
  • Coach Sale – Go on sale the Thursday prior to the general sale. 2015 date was 1st October.
  • Balances Due – Around April
  • Main Ticket Re-Sale – Early May
  • Other Resales: There are normally a couple of very minor resales which sell limited cancelled tickets. These aren’t announced to the general public and you have to be lucky to get tickets during this sale. It generally happens sporadically around mid-May. Some people go as far as to use software to monitor the See Tickets website for any changes.

Glastonbury Ticket Alternatives:

So you didn’t get lucky in the general sale (or you didn’t manage to wake up in time on Sunday morning). What alternatives do you have available to get in to the festival?

Volunteering at GlastonburyVolunteering at Glastonbury:

The other main way to get in to Glastonbury is through volunteering. There are a number of organisations (including the festival organisers) who will exchange a ticket for some hours of your time assisting them during the festival. Below are opportunities to earn a ticket.


Wateraid are a charity who promote awareness of the need for clean drinking and sanitation in Wateraid Glastonburydeveloping countries. They are one of the 3 major charities affiliated with Glastonbury. They provide a number of volunteering opportunities:

  • Applications: Open between 4th January – 26th February 2016
  • Shifts: 4 shifts of approx 6 hours between Wednesday – Sunday Night/Monday Morning
  • Duties: Various. Handing out tap water, providing information on Wateraid, recycling and helping to keep the long drops clean!
  • Campsite: Separate staff campsite with composting toilets and showers
  • Click here for further information

Oasis Carnival:

Provide offsite stewarding for Glastonbury

  • Applications: Not open yet
  • Shifts: 3 x 8 hour shifts, one of which will be during the festival (Friday – Sunday)
  • Deposit: Ticket price deposit required
  • Duties: Various. Roles are on the exterior of the site and include; looking after property, manning junctions, assisting people and checking passes
  • Campsite: Manned off site campsite with catering and toilets. Staff parking.
  • 2016 information isn’t available however check this link in case of update


Festaff provide the volunteers who give you wrist bands at the gate.

  • Shifts: Minimum of 2 x 8 hour shifts.At least 16 hours work
  • Deposit: £200
  • Campsite: Staff Campsite
  • 2016 information not yet posted. Check here for updates.


Oxfam GlastonburyOxfam are another of Glastonbury’s charity partners. As a charity, they need no introduction, providing aid and fighting poverty across 90 countries over the last 70 years. Oxfam have been providing stewarding at Glastonbury since 1993 and have nearly 2,500 volunteers on site. Registrations and applications haven’t opened yet but keep an eye on this link for when they update the 2016 information.

Other Volunteering Opportunities: