Glastonbury Site

Glastonbury ArcadiaGlastonbury is an overwhelming visual treat. There are untold places and sights to take in. Whether it’s Arcadia, Shangri-La, the Pyramid, Other Stage, Green Fields, Avalon, Circus fields or just taking a walk up to the stone circle to take a look over the sight you will never be bored.  There is so much to see and do that no matter if you go for the full 5 days there is no way that you will be able to take in the entire Glastonbury site.

Here we bring you some of the must-see places and sights of Glastonbury.

As mentioned a couple of times, this is a sight for Glastonbury people and we want to hear from you on anything you saw, visited or took part in during your time at any of the festivals over the years. Please use the contact page to get in touch and let us know of anything you may have stumbled across whilst taking a wander.

Let’s make a start to this potentially never ending list…

Glastonbury Site

The Map:

Ok, this is the glastonbury site map although it doesn’t really tell you the full story. All of the main areas are called out however each places encompasses so many things to see and do that you can’t really show it all on a map. As per the official glastonbury website, the key thing is to wander, wander, wander.

Glastonbury Site - Glastonbury Map

Glastonbury Stages

There are so many stage with so many different acts, it is impossible to see everything. From spoken word to debates to solo artists with an amp and a microphone to some of the biggest bands in the world there is something to witness on every stage in every corner of Glastonbury. Here we attempt to cover a few however unfortunately we may not be able to cover them all. Please (please!) use our contact us page to send us any commentary or pictures that you have on any stages we have missed.

The Pyramid Stage

Glastonbury Pyramid StageThe biggest and most iconic stage, it needs no introduction. Positioned in the centre of the site, it has played host to some of the biggest bands in music history. From the Rolling Stones to David Bowie to Radiohead to Kanye West (?!), the Pyramid stage has played host to a who’s who of musical legends over the past 40 years. The stage was originally built by theatre designer Bill Harkin in 1971 and was built to resemble a powerful Apex structure. There have been 3 incarnations of the Pyramid stage since it’s inception and it has grown to become the most iconic festival stage in the word.

With a capacity in the tens of thousands some of the greatest musical performances (and sing a longs) have been performed on this stage.

The Other Stage

Glastonbury Other StageThe aptly named “Other Stage” is the second largest stage on the Glastonbury site. Easily named for weary Glastonbury people who need an easy description of the stage they’re about to head to, it can almost equal some of the great names who have played the Pyramid. It is located directly behind and facing away from the Pyramid stage. A surprise gig has been played on the Friday morning at 11am in recent years and has included names such as the Kaiser Chiefs and the Charlatans. The headliners always provide a good alternative to the Pyramid and it has played host to a number of huge names from Massive Attack to Chase & Status

Glastonbury Areas:

Along with the vast amount of stages, there are also a number of “areas” to visit with a multitude of things to look at, get involved in and pass the time wandering through. Here we bring you a select few. Again, we would love (LOVE) your contribution here so please send us anything that you have in relation to the curious things that you have stumbled across during your time here.


Glastonbury ArcadiaSo you’re wandering along in the dark and what do you stumble across.. A giant metal spider, changing colour, moving arms, breathing out flames and pumping some seriously heavy beats. Yep, you have just found Arcadia. The spider operates after dark until the sun comes out. The DJ box is right under the menacing looking eyes and the sound system is immense. It’s very easy to spend a few hours just watching exactly what the crazy spider can do..




Glastonbury Shangri LaShangri La is another of Glastonbury’s late night areas. Shangri Heaven & Shangri Hell are the two main components. They both offer a whole load of clubs as well as some crazy activities to take part in. The place is visually amazing, for instance, the “London Underground”, a club with a tube train crashed into the front of it & “Beats Hotel” (see pic) which is a club some interesting “ladies” talking to the passers by.


Stone Circle

Glastonbury Stone Circle

The Stone Circle at Glastonbury is an iconic place with an amazing view over the entire site. In recent years it was invaded by people selling NOS (nitrous oxide) although thankfully this calmed down in 2015 after various warnings were issued. When you need to take a break from the craziness of the festival, take a wander up to the stones and take it easy for a bit. Head here to watch the sunrise over the site one morning, you’ll be glad you did.

Green Fields

Glastonbury Green FieldsAnother must see area. The green fields are full of alternative therapies, meditating hippies and spiritual healing. This is also the base for a number of charities including the big greenpeace boat. There are a number of stalls selling all kinds of things you won’t find in many other places. The green fields also include the Healing Fields which as the name suggests is healing centric. This is essentially a chill out area with lots of mystical places including a few gardens to wander through. If you’ve had particularly hard night/day, head here for a bit of therapy.

The Park

The Park at GlastonburyThe Park is one of the newer (in the last 5 years or so) areas of Glastonbury. The Park Stage has a set line up however has many secret gigs. Thom Yorke & Johnny Greenwood played a secret gig there in 2010. If you can make it to the top of the hill, the view is stunning. The Park is both a day and night time venue and there are a number of bars to choose from. The Stonebridge bar is located in the Park and should be visited if only for the amazing Hip Hop Karaoke!