Glastonbury InformationSo much that you need to know, such little time! We bring you all of the Glastonbury information you need. What you need to bring, where it is, news from the official and other sites. If you need to know about it for Glastonbury, it’ll be here somewhere.

Glastonbury Information

  • When: Generally held on the last weekend of June (just after Summer Solstice). Site opens on Glastonbury Festival InformationWednesday morning (8 am) – Monday. 2015 dates were 24th June – 28th June 2015. Approximately every 4 years there is a fallow year which allows the farm a  rest period however this has recently been more sporadic. The scrum for tickets begins around the start of October.

Glastonbury 2016 will be held between June 22nd – June 26th 2016

  • Where: Worthy Farm, Worthy Lane, Pilton, BA4 4BY (Put this into your sat-nav and you’ll get there). Contrary to popular belief (and the name) the festival is actually held in Pilton, not Glastonbury.
  • Who: Glastonbury Festival is brought to you by father and daughter legends Michael & Emily Eavis
  • What: The biggest and best party in the world. 100+ stages, 1000’s of bands and performers, 150,000 crazy party goers and more
  • Why: Because it’s the most fun you can have in a weekend. Ever.

Getting to Glastonbury:

  • Train: Head to Castle Cary station and grab the shuttle busGlastonbury Transport
  • Bus: Multiple bus companies run buses to and from Glastonbury. Check out some below.. Brighton only

  • Car: The least green method (and should be the last choice:)). Put BA4 4BY into your Sat Nav and you can follow the festival signs when you get close. Have your car park ticket on your windscreen from at least 10 miles out so that stewards and police can guide you.

What to Bring:

The official Glastonbury site has a checklist of what to bring here. Our top items not to forget are below..

  • Ticket – If you forgeGlastonbury What to Bringt everything else, don’t forget your ticket. You won’t get in without it. Don’t give to anyone until you get to the official gate
  • Money – Money is always helpful if you want to do stuff. Glastonbury can be done on a shoe string budget or can be very expensive! Always advisable to bring your card just in case… There are also loads of small market type stalls selling lots of weird and wonderful things.
    • Tent – Fairly self-explanatory
    • Sleeping Bag – Bring a decent one. It gets cold at night
  • Food – We travel light when it comes to food and generally take a few cereal bars to kick-start the day. The food on sale at Glastonbury is amazing. The variety is superb and could warrant a full page and write up on it’s own. The choices are endless; Chinese, Thai, Indian, Italian, Veggie, Burgers… Something for every taste and generally fairly reasonably priced too
  • Phone & Phone Charger: Bringing your shiny smartphone to Glastonbury may or may not be the best idea. If you’re going to take one, take a rechargeable battery so you can charge it up when you want (and take out some insurance). You may want to look into getting an old handset to put your sim into, they’re a lot more durable, less expensive and the battery lasts all weekend
  • Booze: Glastonbury allows you to bring your own booze so bring it! Pack a bottle or two of spirits to tied you over for t
    he weekend. Don’t forget to decant the bottles into a plastic bottle, no glass on site
  • Lotion: Don’t forget the lotion
  • Waterproof & Wellies: Just in case
  • Toiletries: Don’t forget your loo roll!

Glastonbury Facts:

  • Glastonbury FactsGlastonbury’s full official name is “The Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts”
  • The largest greenfield music festival in the world
  • Attended by 175,000 people
  • When up and running it is the second largest city in the South West
  • The first festival in 1970 cost £1 to get in and provided free milk
  • The site is 1 1/2 miles across, the perimeter is approx 8 1/2 miles
  • The iconic main stage, the Pyramid Stage, burnt down in 1994 and a replacement had to be sought from a local stage company
  • It will be the best weekend of your life. Fact.

Love the Farm, leave no TraceGlastonbury Rubbish

Glastonbury prides itself on being environmentally friendly and the organisers request that ethos and the farm itself itself is respected. For the other 50 weeks of the year, Worthy Farm is a working dairy farm. A few years back one of Michael Eavis’s cows choked and died after eating a tent peg which has been left in the ground. On the site you will find recycle bins for all different types of material so please respect the festival’s “Love the Farm. Leave no Trace” mantra. Put your rubbish in the bins, take your tent home, don’t bring anything you don’t need… It’s not that hard.