Glastonbury LoveIt can’t be emphasised enough as to how much there is to do, see and listen to at Glastonbury however the thing that really makes the festival are the Glastonbury people. The vast majority come with one thing in mind, to see how much fun can be had in the space of 3-5 days. Every type of person imaginable attends Glastonbury and it is a melting pot of people from all different walks of life. The ethos of fun and enjoyment brings everyone together and for a few short days you get to experience what life would be like if everyone had nothing else to worry about apart from having a few drinks and enjoying themselves.

For fun we have listed some of the people below that you may meet at glastonbury festival. Let us know your comments or any good pictures!

Glastonbury People

Glastonbury Hippy


Hippy – Have to start with the traditional hippy and yes there are still plenty of them at glast. From your typical crusty type to the more radical hippy, don’t knock them, they bring a lot of the peaceful ethos to the festival. Come back to watch our list fill up…



Glastonbury Teenagers

Teenagers – The enthusiasm of youth. Wide eyed teenagers are relatively easy to spot. Free from the shackles of home life with the parents they generally go pretty crazy! The older Glastonbury generation look on in envy!





Glastonbury Raver

Ravers – There are a lot of ravers at Glastonbury and they make up a fair proportion of Glastonbury people these days. With the evolution of late night areas such as Shangri-La and the amazing selection of seriously good dance music, Glastonbury has turned into a haven for ravers. Find them chewing their own ears off at Block 9, Shangri-Heaven, Shangri-Hell & Arcadia (and generally wandering the site looking a little worse for wear!).



Glastonbury People - Mud

Mud Lovers – The crazy people who love the mud. While everyone else is trudging around in their wellies, these “crazy” people are rolling around in it.